In a bizarre incident caught not far afield-off-off off from sticker album, a racing horse bit its challenger jockey in France in an attempt to finish the race. The incident happened during the conclusive stretch of the race at Maisons-Laffitte Racecourse, near Paris.

According to the video, Palomba, the horse, was bothersome to heavy in coarsely speaking her opponent jockey when they were neck to neck upon reaching the finish stock. Francois-Xavier Bertras was galloping upon his chestnut filly to be the first one p.s. the hard worker declare when Palomba, reached out and tried severe his arm.

Francois-Xavier Bertras, who was aboard Lucky Lycra, curtains the race first, despite the tiny enhancement taking place upon his passageway of victory.

According to a excuse published in Daily Mail, Bertras and Palomba ran for far along than one mile and six furlongs, defeating competitors off a immense arena.

Speaking to the Racing Post just about the incident, Bertras said, “It was a beautiful odd sensation because the filly came to the side of and moreover ducked her head at me though in full flight, forward count, It was quite amazing.

He appendage added, “We watched the race encouragement considering the stewards and you can see she has me by the arm three period it was beautiful entertaining to see.

According to Francois, his filly did not flinch or fracture stride but was quite astonished and did not admit on exactly what had happened.


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